Don Reed
3 min readFeb 7, 2024

By Don C. Reed

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. — Thomas Payne, December 23, 1776

Famous words: written when America’s future hung in the balance, and shoeless patriots left bloody footprints in the snows of Valley Forge.

We are more comfortable today, with our slippers on, in front of our TV sets, but the threat to our Democracy is no less.

Some say, “this is the most important Presidential election of our lives”.

And they’re right. This is the decisive vote of our generation.

As I write this, the rain is flooding down, in Los Angeles of all places: too much water, in places not prepared for it. It has also rained like crazy in Northern California — to dry into tinder for forest fires — Can anyone doubt the existence of global climate change? Trump does.

Former President Donald J. Trump considers global climate change a “hoax” and has given massive tax credits to polluters — — should he be in charge of protecting the environment?

Are we not better off with the man who challenges the polluters, who will literally make them pay? (1)

Check this out: According to the EPA: Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. (Of these gases) methane is the number one cause of global warming pollution.

If you are a big polluter, under Joe Biden you literally will pay for it — under the Methane Emissions Charge. As it becomes more expensive to pollute, pressures mount to develop and utilize clean energy.

Biden knows it will take money to bring change; that’s why he has dedicated $370 billion to battle climate change: more than all previous Presidents combined. (2)

I don’t agree with Uncle Joe on everything, that’s for sure. But when do two people ever completely agree? I am a progressive, from the liberal wing of the Democratic party. Of course, I will have to compromise; I will not get my way 100% on anything.

But I also know the guarantee of failure: if I stay home and do nothing.

As a Californian, I have three elections to keep track of:

Presidential Primary Election — March 5, 2024

Congressional District 20, Special Primary Election — March 19, 2024

General Election — November 5, 2024

No matter what state you live in, if you have questions, call the Elections Assistance Commission (3): (toll-free) 1 (866) 747–1471)

California makes voting easy, sending out paperwork, so I can vote from home, if I want: I already have some background materials. If I want more, I go here:


If I want an actual person to talk to — 916–653–6814

I wanted to find out my voter status, so I clicked on:


It said: “Active” so I was happy about that.

As soon as the official voting envelope arrives, I will put it to good use: checking the boxes for the people I want, the issues I support.

I will do it right away; wanting my vote counted as soon as possible. There is a reason for this; once my vote is “banked” (recorded) my party won’t have to keep spending as much money on me, sending fliers to my address.

Suggestion: whatever differences we may have, now is the time to set them aside, to work together toward our shared goals. We can make Earth better for everyone.

Or, we can sit home and complain. If we do that, and throw away our sacred right to organize and vote — we will deserve what happens next, when an enemy without limits takes control.

Trump is at the gates right now; do we give him the keys to the city?

Or do we share the fight, side by side with Uncle Joe?

1. https://blogs.law.columbia.edu/climatechange/2022/08/23/the-new-methane-emissions-charge-one-limited-but-important-stick-in-the-inflation-reduction-act/

2. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/08/16/biden-ira-climate-law-anniversary-00111471

3. https://www.eac.gov/voters/register-and-vote-in-your-state



Don Reed

For 23 years, Don C. Reed has supported medical research, ever since his son Roman Reed was paralyzed in a college football accident.